Call for Entries

The judges at BBB are always looking for highly creative recipes that are packed with flavor. You may choose to reinvent your favorite burger with exciting new toppings, turn the elements of a classic dish into a burger, show off an ethnic or cultural background, highlight the unique dishes or products of a region of the country, reflect your culinary travels, or surprise us with a completely new concept in burgers.

When we make burgers, we choose sustainable, organic, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, including humanely raised meats and seasonal produce, and we encourage you to do the same when you create your recipe entries. We also prefer recipes that are not overly complicated or costly to make.

Feel free to enter as many recipes as you wish, but before submitting or mailing them, please read this year’s rules very carefully.

If you’ve previously entered recipes to our contest that did not make it to the final Cook-Off, you may update and resubmit them, even if they appear on the contest site’s BurgerBase. If they’ve been published elsewhere, however, they are ineligible for submission.

Since BBB began in 1990, the creativity shown by innovative cooks throughout America has been impressive. We’re eager to see what’s offered for our consideration this time.